Scalp Vein Sets

Scalp Vein Sets

Standard scalp vein set JCM-MED

Scalp vein sets or butterfly needles, are sterile, single-use medical devices, consisting of a winged needle connected to a flexible tubing that ends with a Luer Lock fitting that allows adaptation to the infusion line.


A Scalp Vein Set  is made up of five elements :

  • a protective sheath of the needle
  • a short needle with a short stainless steel bevel
  • a plastic hub consisting of one or two soft wings used to grip and ecure the device
  • a transparent flexible PVC tube
  • a female Luer Lock fitting that can be blocked by a luer cap or by a multi-activated valve needle free connector.

Scalp Vein Sets are normally used in the following cases :

  • repeated short-term injection and/or injection of small volume of drugs or blood derivatives
  • one-time blood sampling
  • difficult or small-diameter vein such as infants and children


Sunrise JCM can provide a full range of Scalp Vein sets, with or without Safety features to recap the butterfly needle after use and prior to disposal.

Gauges range: 19-27G x 19mm butterfly atraumatic needle.

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