Disinfection Caps for Needle-free Connectors

Disinfection caps for needle-free connectors

Usage disinfection cap JCM MED
Disinfection caps choice JCM MED
JCM MED’s disinfection caps are universal to a variety of needle-free valves
  • Thorough disinfection decreases the incidence rate of CRBSI (Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection).
    A pad with 70% of Isopropyl alcohol covers all the surface of the inlet’s needle free connector’s septum and ensures no disinfection dead-space.
  • Its design and operation improves work efficiency by saving time, gestures, swabbing devices and increased safety. No manual swabbing required, twisting gently the cap to lock it onto the connector is enough.
  • Universal to various brands of needle free connectors.
Product usage disinfection caps
Product usage disinfection caps
Packing Rigid blister
Sterilisation R
Class IIa
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