Flowset™ IV solution administration sets

Flowset™ IV solution administration sets

Standard IV sets

Standard I.V. sets

Light-proof IV sets

Light-proof I.V. sets

IV sets with flow controllers

I.V. sets with flow controllers

Flowset ™ I.V. sets are supplied with or without DEHP and can be fitted with additional components or fittings such as :


  • Y injection ports (latex-free)
  • Needle-free connectors
  • One-way check valves
  • Slide or Robert clamps
  • Stopcocks
  • Fix, rotating or retractable luer lock
  • Connectors
  • Hypodermic needles …


PackingPeel pouch or PE bag


JCM MED can provide standard gravity IV sets with or without air-vent, for use with bottles or soft IV solution bags.

In addition, we have a range of Flowset IV administration sets that can be used for the administration of   light-sensitive drugs or with drugs that are not compatible with PVC (drugs for chemotherapy for example).  JCM MED can provide solution sets in TPE, PUR or PVC without DEHP.

Simultaneously, corresponding Extension sets with or without stopcocks can also be provided to be used in line with our infusion sets. JCM MED’s sets for intravenous therapy can be fitted with needle-free connectors that will allow intravenous drug supplementation without risks of needlestick injuries.

Flowset Precision infusion sets can incorporate flow controllers or flow regulators to regulate the solution flow from 5 to 250ml /h. These sets are designed for use in situations that require accurate and consistent administration of fluids by gravity into the circulatory system in order to optimize drug efficacy and patient’s safety.

Our general policy takes into account market data as well as regulatory aspects and our commitment.

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