Needle free devices

Needle-free connectors provide a safe way to administer fluids, blood and medication. They greatly reduce the risk of needle stick injuries by allowing connections of a syringe to a catheter, an extension set or an infusion set, without the use of a needle.

JCM MED has developed a range of sterile needlefree devices that incorporate these connectors.
All devices are Class IIa.
See Instructions for Use.

Free needle systems presentation
Needle-free connectors

Needle-free connectors, also called multi-activated valves, are devices that allow the injection…

Needle free IV Solution administration sets

I.V. Solution Administration Sets can be fitted with a Y Needle-free connector so that to allow the injection without a needle…

Needle free extension sets

Needle-free extension sets are devices which are meant to connect to IV cannulas or IV lines to allow the injection…


Needle-free burettes are Peadiatric Administration sets fitted with injection valves which …

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